Sample Rental Lease Agreement Nc

The standard lease below describes a contract between “Lord of the Land” Alan Timlin and “Tenant” Lillie Yaeger. She agrees to rent a semi-detached house in Charleston from June 1, 2017 for 1,200 $US a month. The tenant agrees to pay for all services and services for the premises. This is a good example of the provisions that a simple lease could contain and the form that should be taken in its final form. Roommate agreement – For tenants who share the same dwelling or community area. A less restrictive form that is used to prevent disagreements and ensure general harmony. Sublease Contract – describes details of a current tenant who offers a tenancy to another person. Under lease – Is used to structure the new rental of a property currently rented. Completed by the original customer. Should only be used after the owner`s direct permission. Maximum: The amount that a lessor can legally withdraw for a security deposit depends on the length of the lease, as shown: bank name – address (No. 42-50): If the landlord asks the tenant for a deposit, the landlord or his representative must inform the tenant within thirty (30) days of the start of the rental period by the name and address of the bank or institution in which the deposit is located. , to prevent.

Maintenance Supplement (Form 440-T) – Is added to the contents of a lease agreement to continue to determine the tenant`s maintenance responsibilities. Month-to-Month Lease Agreement – A lease agreement that does not contain an end date and extends the monthly lease to month – manifests a contract that indicates a fixed-term contract with a preference for a possible early termination with a notification of seven (7) days before the announcement. Rental Application – Used at the request of the landlord for verification purposes to verify the context, work and previous information on the tenant`s history. Association of Realtors Version (Form 410-T) – The state-owned broker group has developed its own version of the residential lease, which can be used by landlords and tenants who participate in a rental transaction. Landlords must communicate to a tenant, within thirty (30) days of the start of the lease, the name and location of the financial institution in which the deposit of the deposit is kept. (NO.42-50 NCGS) The North Carolina eviction notice must be used by a landlord if a tenant does not pay the rent on time. The lessor will issue this form to give the tenant up to ten (10) days to evacuate the property or pay the outstanding amount which, if paid, will continue the lease as if nothing had happened. The tenant should note that if they decide to evacuate, it does not mean that they are out of the hook for the amount… At the end of the lease period, the security deposit must be delivered to the tenant at a designated transfer address within 30 days.